System Sensor 2W-B, Photoelectric Smoke Detector, 2 Wire


12X24 VDC, Photo

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The detector shall be a photoelectric type (Model 2W-B, 4W-B). The detector shall include a mounting base for mounting to 3?-inch and 4-inch octagonal, single-gang, and 4-inch square back boxes with a plastering, or direct mount to the ceiling using drywall anchors. Wiring connections shall be made by means of SEMS screws. The detector shall allow pre-wiring of the base and the head shall be a plug-in type. The detector shall have a nominal sensitivity of 2.5 percent-per-foot nominal as measured in the UL smoke box. The detector shall be capable of automatically adjusting its sensitivity by means of drift compensation and smoothing algorithms. The detector shall provide dualcolor LED indication that blinks to indicate power up, normal standby, out of sensitivity, alarm, and freeze trouble (Model 2WT-B, 4WT-B) conditions.

When used in conjunction with the 2W-MOD2 module, 2-wire models shall include a maintenance signal to indicate the need for maintenance at the alarm control panel and shall provide a loop testing capability to verify the circuit without testing each detector individually.

Product #2W-B

For more details download the data sheet.

System Sensor Photoelectric Smoke Detector-basic data sheet